let me remind you .  Without a doubt, powerful, CLEAR, exciting, persuasive sales copy for your services or product almost guarantees you’ll double your sales, and even more!

    As our web developer said the other day, “no matter how great the website I build, and no matter how great a product looks on it, the website owner won’t get far with it unless they convince their buyers with persuasive words too. I tell ‘em they also need great, persuasive copy for their website.

    Now, why did he make such an amazing statement?

    Because a website needs clear, credible, friendly, and persuasive copy. It’s what it takes to convince prospects that your service or product is their best option out of all the other similar services and products out there.

    The web has become a jungle which both website owners and prospects must cross carefully to find one another.

    And there are many obstacles (services and products) to overcome in this jungle . . .

    . . .  you need to say something more than the regular ho hum to stop them long enough to entice their eyeballs to stay on your website!

    These days you must be very creative, uber-creative even, to get past the mental blockade the average consumers build around themselves.

    And no wonder! They’re bombarded by ads and content all day long, every day.

    HYPE, HYPE, AND MORE HYPE . . . everywhere they turn.

    You know this is true. You experience it too!

    So. Because having a great health practice or product that truly helps people isn’t enough . . .

    . . . you must blast past the mental blockade of prospects.

    How DO you get through?  

    Well, everyone knows that people listen when their friends recommend.

    They typically check out a service or product for which they’re in the market when a friend recommends it. Don’t you?

    So, on top of your great service or product, you need to become someone your prospects feel they can trust like they trust their friends.


    Well, you do it with clear, interesting, and persuasive copy written in a conversational style—with psychological secrets and hypnosis-like qualities added masterfully (and NO! We’re not deceiving them if we tell the truth about a service or product).

    Do anything else and your prospects click you off into cyber-oblivion . . .

    . . . and meander on over to your competitors—ouch!

    It’s just a matter of writing like you’re talking to your best friend face-to-face—and learning how to write to persuade in a way that keeps website visitors reading.

    This DOES involve hard work. Important work.

    It’s not something to hand over to Chance. Or to your assistant (unless said assistant happens to be a trained copywriter).

    The ability to convince prospects that your services or products are the best option takes knowing how to say what you offer.

    You, as a business owner, experience the direct results of great AND bad copy in a very personal and sensitive place—your wallet.

    So, it doesn’t have to be me, but if you don’t have time to study how to write copy, hire an experienced copywriter who specializes in your niche.


    • Who knows to use the same lingo as the prospects you wish to have as patients or clients
    • Who understands the psychology behind how people decide whether to keep reading a blog article, sales letter, or the content on a web page
    • Who uses that psychology to write your sales letters or content
    • Who understands SEO and how it relates to your ability to pull in prospects from the great wilds of the interwebs
    • Who will take the time to learn your service or product to write about it intelligently
    • Who will take the time for research
    • Who will do the deep work of putting himself or herself in the mental state of your Ideal prospects, the ones you most want to attract
    • Who can take this task over for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best: run your business, take care of your patients or clients

    Maybe you’re trying to write your own copy. If you are, be sure to follow the above for best success in bringing in your Ideal Prospects.

    But, if you’re already overwhelmed taking care of the patients or business you now have, you should hire a copywriter.

    If you know my story, you know I learned the hard way what happens when you overdo. You burn out, fizzle, and fry. And even get sick. If you’ve been wondering whether to hire a copywriter, here’s my answer to that.

    So, you now know what great copy needs and what to look for in a copywriter when you hire one.