Web content includes all aspects of the user’s experience on a website: text, images, sounds, videos, and animations.

    In other words, all the stuff you need to attract and keep your audience on your website, to get them to like you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you. Typically, you need far more text content than the other types of contents. Though this might be the opposite on specialized websites (think video-heavy sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.).

    Techopedia says this about website content: “Web content is the key behind traffic generation to websites. Creating engaging content and organizing it into various categories for easy navigation is most important for a successful website. Also, it is important to optimize the web content for search engines so that it responds to the keywords used for searching.”

    Ultimately, regularly creating and uploading web content, content that speaks deeply to the type of prospects you want as clients, increases your footprint online, gains you more of the kind of followers you want and who respond to you. 

    Working with a  website content writer brings you more business with fewer dollars spent on marketing.  Eventually,  good content propels you to the top of organic search results. A good content strategy is how you get to the coveted first three results on the first page of Google. 


    • DIY: write it, find photos, videos, and upload to your website.
    • Hire a content farm that spews gazillion words every day. They’re in a hurry and can’t spend much time on your stuff for the amount of money you pay them.
    • Hire an experienced writer, preferably one with at least a B.A. in English. He or she will make you shine next to your competition.  You want your web content writer to spend the time needed for your website copy, blogs, and articles. You’re spending money on that content. Of course, you want it to make its way ‘round the Internet for years to come. This brings you free traffic because people love to share good content, much the way they share jokes that stick around the web for years and years. Your reward will also be higher organic rankings because Google LOVES good content.

    Good content is sticky.

    Good content writers write sticky content.



    You could write your own stuff, but do you have time to keep up with it and run your business too? Are you a writer? Can you write well enough to ensure the success of your content? Remember, what you say on your website and elsewhere in your content directly influences the success of your business.

    You can work with a content farm. Likely, that company will spend less than five minutes researching your keywords, if at all. They’ll write your content in a huge hurry because, well, your writer has ten more blog posts or articles to write that day. There’s no time for researching and editing.

    OR . . .

    . . .  you can work with a well-established writer who will check out what your competitors say around the keywords for which you want to rank.

    You can work with a writer to whom you have direct access (always available during business hours), not one in a far-off land who sleeps when you’re awake.

    You can work with a writer holding a B.A. in English—one with copywriter training by Joe Vitale, and AWAI’s Copywriting Course. One with creative writing training from U.N.L.V. and Gotham City Writers—instead of one who learned English by hanging out with expats, or through an app. Nothing wrong with that. I’m learning Spanish that way–but I’m not trying to sell my services as a website content writer to a Spanish-speaking audience.

    When the stakes are high, competition-wise, you need well-written website content to stand out from your competitors.

    You’ll make it in your business if you’re consistent with high-quality content.

    You are a smart business owner who’s been around a while. You know what you want and need for your success. You realize that you get what you pay for when it comes to service providers, which includes web content writers. You’ve gone the dirt-cheap route. And, well, I assume it didn’t work out so great. After all, here you are on my website looking for a website content writer.

    I know how you feel about never having enough time.  And about your fear of hiring yet one more freelancer who might disappoint.  

    You have a great product. You deliver what you sell in a timely manner, so you want that rare freelancer who also delivers on promises.

    Before devoting myself full-time to website content and content strategy, I ran a law firm single-handedly for many years. In addition to managing the office, I wrote all of the on-page copy, blog posts, and articles. I also built, updated,  and maintained multiple websites, and handled the inbound marketing. Yes. A lot.

    There were never enough hours in the day, the week, the month, the year.  I feared that the business wouldn’t make it because I just couldn’t get to everything.  So, I’d sometimes hire other writers. I wanted success, and realized I needed some outside help to achieve it. Initially, I tried the cheap route.  I mean, I enjoy saving money too. And I told myself I could edit the piece. Thing is, I didn’t have time to add that to my plate. I got disastrous results.

    Blog posts and articles were emailed to me from late to very late—most often riddled with typos, grammatical errors, and poor syntax.  I’d end up trashing or rewriting the article for which I paid that writer. More than once. More than twice, too.

    So, I decided to take the time to find writers with whom I resonated—experienced writers not at the beck and call of a content farm.  Writers who understand online marketing. Writers with English degrees. It cost a little more, sure, but those content writers spent more time on my projects.

    They researched my keywords.

    They wrote well.

    They delivered on time or early. I didn’t have to rewrite the thing myself. Our audience loved the content and responded to it as well as they did to the stuff I wrote. 



    1.   Every web content project starts with keyword research. There’s no point in having awesome writing on your site unless it works hard to bring prospects to your site. If you’re not sure which keywords you should use, I’ll do deeper research to isolate them.

    2.   I’ll ask you questions about what you wish to accomplish, about your mission, and your message. Then, we’ll discuss keywords. Unless you already know them. Either way, we’ll decide together which ones to use for the content you wish me to write. If you’re not sure which keywords you should use, I’ll deep dive into research to isolate them.

    3.   I’ll read content from the three websites that rank organically from #1 to #3 on the first page of Google for your keyword(s). Then, I’ll analyze those pages and figure out how to make your content sound better than theirs, how to put more “meat” in it.

    4.   I will write clear, concise copy with just enough keywords so search engines don’t cringe over keyword stuffing. This way, they’ll give you a seat up front (the first page of Google, at the top of it if your keyword isn’t hyper-competitive and even if it is).

    Too many instances of a keyword on a web page can get that page sent to the back of the room (meaning on the search engine’s back pages which next-to-no-one ever visits).

    5.   We’ll discuss your Ideal Prospect and I’ll address them directly in writing.


    • Does the tone of the content match your message, your mission?
    • Is the language geared to the user, and not as an ego boost for your company? This is a must as prospects only care about what you can do for them (just sayin’).
    • Is the information clearly organized?
    • Is the number of times your main keyword gets mentioned just enough? (not too many or too few times)
    • Are any outgoing links appropriate for your SEO goals?
    • Lastly, no writer should edit their own stuff. That’s like lawyers representing themselves, or surgeons cutting out their own appendix: terrible results each time!

    An experienced editor goes through the copy I write. This happens just before I turn in the final version to you, or before I upload it to your site (if I’m building your website). We want NO errors unless they’d deliberate. In copywriting (add link to that page) in particular, proper grammar isn’t always the best idea, depending on your audience.


    Besides the above, I use my B.A. in English, copywriter training, and professional writer tools to check the following:

    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Consistency
    • Clichés
    • Repeats
    • Overused words
    • Alliteration
    • Pacing check
    • NLP predicates checks (to be sure the writing appeals to auditory/visual/kinesthetic people equally).
    • And others

    I subtly build my writing around your keywords and key phrases. Also, I always keep in mind we want copy that sells without sounding salesy. Authenticity wins this race.


    1. You want your audience to share your content with their audience and hopefully link to your website from theirs. If the links coming to you are from websites with high trust and citation flows—metrics used to determine a website’s authority—your site’s SEO juice gets stronger.
    2. The more people share your content with one another, the higher your site will climb in SERPs (search engine results pages, such as the first page of Google).
    3. Your content will find its way to the first page of Google. That is, if it’s written intelligently and addresses your particular audience specifically, contains a natural proportion of your keywords .
    4. When content flows and meanders around your keywords and you get a response from your audience, the web page will steadily climb in the SERPs. At some point, you WILL appear on the first page of Google. Even in the coveted #1 spot if you continue your web content strategy, as well as SEO related to it. The time it takes depends on how competitive your market is for your keywords. No false promises on when since I  don’t know how competitive your market is until we speak.


    On a last note, as John Muller, trend analyst at Google says, it’s not how much content you keep adding to your site that counts.

     🍌 John 🍌‏Verified account @JohnMu
    Replying to @vladrpt

    Nope. A site isn’t a machine that pumps out content at a fixed rate. Well, it shouldn’t be :-).


    The quality of your content counts much more than its quantity. One great blog post or article is worth ten hastily-written short ones.

    What do you prefer reading when you’re searching for info on the web? An obviously-rushed through article, or one clearly well-thought out?

    Google guidelines state this about quality of content:
    “High-quality: Your site’s content should be unique, specific and high-quality. It should not be mass-produced or outsourced on a large number of other sites. Keep in mind that your content should be created primarily to give visitors a good user experience, not to rank well in search engines

    Bottom line, if you deliver the kind of content you’d like to find when you search online you’ll be far ahead of what’s out there.


    I serve entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially alternative health practitioners, enjoy more free time while increasing revenue. I do this by writing sales letters, strategic content, and personalized blog posts that increase online visibility, engagement, and sales.

    If you don’t want to write your own web content (because you’re doing enough already, or because you want to spend more time with your family, or because you just hate writing) I’m here for you. I’ll write your strategic content, personalized blog posts, and sales copy to increase your online visibility, trust level, and engagement.

    I do this because first off, I LOVE writing, and secondly, because I believe in the importance to us all of finding genuine, ACCURATE,  life-changing information, services, and products, in the quagmire that the web has become.

    I promise to write web content to which your audience will connect and respond positively, or I’ll rewrite it until you’re happy and proud of putting your name on it.

    If you are not happy after a third revision, I will refund you every penny you have paid me! 



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