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    We offer enhanced hosting which includes regular WordPress and theme updates. Fees apply.


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    Your new website includes links to your social profiles and pages, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

    You’d love a new responsive website.  You’re looking at all those DIY website platforms and thinking you should do it yourself. I mean, they do make it sound easy, don’t they?

    And maybe you could. Except that . . .

    You have a business to run. Phone calls to take and return. Work to be done for your clients or customers. And a million other things you have to do every day to keep your biz running and add cash to your coffers so you can pay the bills. Sounds crass? Unfortunately, without a great website and copy and social presence that brings patients or clients to you, you can’t do what you love most: help them with their health issues. The only way to get more patients or clients–unless you have another fountain somewhere that rains them upon you. Not likely, right?–is to engage in marketing.

    Meanwhile, you really wonder about adding building a website project to your already too-long To Do list. 

    Yet, you NEED this website and you need it asap if you need more patients or clients. Of course, how can you trust yet one more freelancer when you’ve been deeply disappointed before? I know, trust me, I’ve been there more times than I can count while doing all of the web development and online marketing for a law firm practically single-handedly for ten years. 

    You’re a responsible individual and usually do what you say you’ll do, in the time frame you said you’d do it, so you don’t get all the people out there who don’t deliver on their promises. I get that more than you’ll ever know.

    That’s why I’m more intense than most people about NOT telling anyone I’ll do something I can’t deliver on. It’s been done to me once too many times.  

    If I tell you it will take ten days, it will take ten days OR LESS, not more. If this is impossible because the scope of the project changes mid-project, a new solid delivery date will be given to you, but this is rare, unless the client changed his or her mind after agreeing to a design. 





    Need a responsive website that won’t force you to dip into your children’s college fund to get it done? One that looks great AND does the job of bringing in business for you? 

    This is for you if you’re not a huge corporation with deep pockets, but still need a website for your small business, entrepreneurial venture, medical practice, or healer practice.

    Working on my own or with my team, you’ll get a responsive website for a fair price, one that acts as a magnet to the audience you wish to entice. Most importantly, this website will work hard to put you “out there” 24 hours per day every day.

    First, I create a framework for the site, then decide the best locations for content placement site-wide and design the website based on best marketing practice. I can even add your existing content to the site (extra fee).

    And if you need content for your website, I’m your girl.

    My favorite thing is to build a responsive website, choose images, and write the complete content and place it in strategic areas. Your most important content needs to be where your website visitors’ eyeballs are most likely to land, a most important marketing strategy for success.

    If you just need the website itself, once completed, it will be turned over to you to add in your content.

    Talented. Innovative. Dedicated.

    I met Maryse in an intense work environment. We have worked together on two separate high-profile projects. She is an excellent communicator, talented, innovative, dedicated, and delivers quality work on time. I have the highest confidence in her abilities.
    Steve Duncan, High Inc.

    website designerSkillfull and Creative

    Maryse is skillful and creative with building websites that produce business, and she also knows how to write effective copy unique to marketing your website. She has always written professional and effective material for my business and has the ability to translate legalese into layman’s language without losing anything in translation. Her marketing efforts have nicely added to my bottom line too.
    James Smith, Esq.,

    website designProfessional. Pleased. Compliments.

    Maryse, just a brief note to let you know how pleased I am with our new website and how many compliments I have already received from people I do business with.

    I am also most appreciative of your professionalism in the way you guided me through the process and the copy needed to meet our needs.  I felt you took a personal interest in this project.  Rest assured that when new projects come along…we will be in contact. Again, I am most appreciative.

    Jack Bart,  President,  Lac Management, Inc., 


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