Have you gotten to the place where you wonder if you ever loved your business? I found myself there after ten plus years running a law firm.  

    Are you trying to do everything yourself (like I did)?

    Are you exhausted at the end of each long day?

    Does the marketing stuff you read or listen to make you think you’ve entered the Tower of Babel?

    Do you wonder, in the middle of the night, if your business will survive?

    Are you falling behind on the writing necessary to keep your web presence fresh and competitive?

    Feeling guilty because you’re not spending enough time with your family because your business has hijacked your calendar?

    Are you scratching your head over how to add content or blog posts to your own website? Do you wonder why they keep updating the danged software all the time?



    Wonder why they change everything on you so you have to learn how to use it all over again (as if you had time for that!)—like the latest WordPress update which completely changed the interface so now you’re lost in there?

    As you’ve most likely discovered by now, when you try to do everything, it’s difficult to stay on top of changes in all the areas you need to be on top of for the success of your business.

    If you don’t do something when you first realize all this, there’s a high possibility that, at some point, you’ll go out like a fast-burning birthday cake candle.



    Something in your life will shatter. It happened to me.

    As I’ve said before, when I ran a law firm, I worried I wouldn’t be able to do all of my five jobs on any given day. And my dirty little secret is that I couldn’t. NOT wouldn’t, or didn’t want to (except after The Event that left me scratching my head wondering where the heck my life had gone in the past ten years).

    We think no one else can do this or that as well as we can, so we work late, we make excuses to our families. We give up on getting help because finding reliable freelancers has proved difficult.

    You and I aren’t alone in having boarded this sinking ship.

    It’s a con many business owners fall for, unfortunately.


    LIFEBOAT (phew!)

    But . . . there’s a lifeboat, my friend.

    It’s possible to get away from the nightmare of your mile-long task list

    There is a way back to normalcy. A sane way to keep up with what has to be done to reach your tribe does exist.

    It’s possible if you don’t do it all yourself.

    If you force yourself to put time aside to look for help with at least some things that need to be done like adding web content or blogging regularly, for instance. These two items right there will take you several hours per week and if you don’t enjoy doing it, it stresses you out too.

    And no offense, but if you’re not sure how to do it in the optimal way to deliver your message, and you don’t enjoy the process of writing, how convincing will your writing be?

    Instead of spending hours in Stress Land every week, you could do things in your business you enjoy.

    Or spend the time thinking of ways to better your business or your health practice.

    You could spend time with your family, or just relax completely.

    Read a book, go to a movie, or to dinner with friends. Your blood pressure and your psyche will thank you for it.  

    Now that I no longer try to do it all, now that I focus on my favorite tasks and leave the other responsibilities to others, life is good again.

    It can be for you too.