Last month, I ran away to the beaches of the Dominican Republic. My sister has a place there, and I spent time with her, but I also ran even farther away by myself to Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas.

    It was just me and myself, seeing as how the beach was near-vacant most of the time. Just a few others, solo, or in small groups, no doubt escaping the rat race like me.

    This is the type of place where if you’re wearing more than a bathing suit and cover up, you’re overdressed for even the best restaurant on the beach. True chill . . .

    To be there gave me the freedom to think.

    About you.

    About my business.

    About my trajectory in life.

    Last year, I made the personal decision to turn my career on its head and move toward strictly writing sales copy and web content, with some interesting web development thrown in. Until then, I’d been doing ALL the marketing stuff for a legal firm client (web development, copywriting, web content writing, PPCs campaigns setup and management, SEO, and social marketing).

    Since no one person can do all that for any length of time, I needed to stop everything and think about WHAT I really liked about all that, WHAT I really wanted to do when I grew up.


    But before I could implement this, my life came to a screeching halt (temporary, thank goodness!). Everything stopped. For a minute there, it looked like my life itself would stop.  But . . . somehow, I’m still here.

    Fast-forward a year and I was now moving forward with my goal. I needed time

    to reflect, to plan, to think about what it all meant, hence a three-week beach trip . . .

    . . . to ponder how I’d made it to a place in life where I’d allowed myself to get overwhelmed by adding too many things to my calendar. 

    I realized that the main issue with what I was doing before I created WebDevelopIt was that I wasn’t reaching out and getting the help I needed. I was trying to be a super heroine and do it all on my own.

    Bad mistake.

    It crashed my life.

    While at the beach, I did what needed done to get myself out of overdoing; you can do this too.

    First, focus only on the people who appreciate what I do and how I do it.

    And only do what I love to do for them. That makes me happy, which makes them happy because . . .

    . . . when you love something you do, you do it well.

    Second, get the help I need on projects when needed. Get a team together so I’ve got one ready to go when needed.

    A team of providers who appreciate themselves, therefore appreciate me. A team that thrives on doing a good job, and that do what they said they’ll do, in the time frame they said they’d do it. No excuses!

    This way, I get to work only with people who truly want my help, who gain benefit from it, and who value it. Maybe contemplating this will lead you to work on attracting only people who value you.


    Maybe you’ll reach out and get the help you need to achieve the success you want in your business, so that don’t burn out like I did. 

    And maybe knowing these things won’t, for whatever reason, help you, but it’ll give you something on which to reflect, at least.  

    You see . . .

    Some people don’t want to be helped. So, don’t help them.

    Here’s a true fact:

    You only have 24 hours in a day.

    Here is another true fact:

    Someday, you will have zero hours in a day because you’ll be dead.

    Here’s another true fact (I’m pretty sure you know this):

    Stress erodes the endings of your telomeres which protect your chromosomes.

    And, as you know, stress can actually give you cancer, and all sorts of other dreadful diseases.  

    Why waste your limited time on people who don’t want you to help them?


    One thing about the health and wellness community is that the people involved in it yearn to help others.   

    I love that…

    . . . but it’s also a big reason you might feel overwhelmed.

    You feel passionate about helping more and more people . . .

    . . . but too many who reach out to you are just “looking,” or “thinking about it.” They don’t even really want your help.

    This means you have wasted time you could have devoted to people who truly want the particular kind of help you offer (it’s what you say, and how, that attracts the wrong client/patient/customer. Also the right kind.)  

    Do you not feel that sometimes?

    There are people who, no matter what you do or how, won’t appreciate, respect, or value the help, expertise, and knowledge you bring to the table.


    Despite the obvious disregard they have for you, because you’re wired to help those with health issues, you continue to try to help, subjecting yourself to yet one more person who’ll never do what you suggest or recommend they do.


    Let me tell you something:

    You’ll be unhappy, long term, doing this.  You’ll never have your Ideal Business until you make it clear you don’t accept this kind of person as a patient/client/customer. Such people hold you back . . .

    . . .  and they put you in a position where you’re stealing time and attention from the people who DO want your help. Do you want to give your time to people who have shown you they DON’T?

    I have a philosophy, and it’s one I now live by.

    If you want to be happy . . . 


    In my case, part of that means turning down clients (which I do regularly).

    If a client wants to fight me on an issue where I know I’m 110% correct?


    If a service provider I turn to for assistance doesn’t deliver as promised, sending my own deadline into chaos?  

    I work like crazy to meet the deadline and never work with that provider again.

    A business partner doesn’t want to pull their weight (which was my situation just last year)?

    I find another, or go off on my own.

    Scarcity mindset says, “You’re lucky to have even this poor match as a client/patient/customer.”

    Abundance mindset says, “The world is full of incredible people who are a perfect fit for what I want to achieve. Don’t give up on finding them.”

    Finding the perfect match is easier than you might think (you’ll see as you get to know me, and as you keep learning).


    I don’t recommend you drop all the people who aren’t a perfect match in your life and business right now. To get to that place is a process.

    I do recommend you put things in motion to only attract your Ideal Client/Patient/Customer.

    It starts with what you say on your website, in your brochures, in your sales letters, and even how you and your staff talk to them when they’re in your office.   

    How about a life, and a philosophy that allows you to maximize the 24 hours you get each day, working with people who value you?

    Meanwhile, go to the beach, or the mountain, or whatever your go-to place for pondering life and business and their many intricacies happens to be.

    While there, think about the people that come your way in life and in business. Do they respect you? Do they do what you say to do? No? Figure out how to move away from them . . .

    . . . one way, as I’ve said, is to change how you explain your business and yourself. If you do it so it only appeals to those you want around you, it will repel the others and you won’t have to do a thing to get rid of them. They’ll be replaced with your Ideal Client/Patient/Customer.

    And for goodness’s sakes, get the help you need to attract your Ideal Client/Patient/Customer so you don’t end up in a state of overwhelm like me.

    That’s it.

    I learned more from my introspection at the beach, but this email is long enough already. I’ll share more insights later.

    As always, if you need help with sales copy or written web content, or an updated or new health provider or supplements or superfoods website, I’m your girl!

    Beach musings over for now,

    Maryse ;~)