The other day I had lunch with a long-time friend (and now a client) involved with the alternative health industry.

    John had traveled from out of state to my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada (yes, people actually live here, and not just in casinos either!) He came for some R&R, but also to strategize with me on how to grow his health business.

    My friend wouldn’t be comfortable if I identified him here, but he’s comfortable with me telling you his story.

    He said that in his particular business, a small niche in the health industry, one he nearly single-handedly created ten years ago, there’s an increasing number of people reaching out to him asking how he does what he does. Asking if he’s hiring. Asking if he’s willing to share his knowledge about the industry.


    Because they want to learn from him . . .  and then compete against him.

    It’s hard to believe they’re as bold as that, but it’s exactly what’s happening.

    There are others who attempt to compete with him, but none have managed to surpass him.

    So far.

    A 10-year lead has him well ahead of the pack. That said . . .

    . . . the competition is beginning to close in on him . . .

    . . . and unless he works harder at keeping his lead, he’s likely to lose it. Someone with deeper pockets and smarter ideas is likely to come along and manage to surpass him . . .

    . . . unless he does more to hang on to his lead and market share.

    He knows that. And that was the purpose of our meeting. I’d been after him for YEARS to do something because I saw what was coming!

    It’s not that John doesn’t like helping people.  His generosity knows nearly no bounds; I’ve been a recipient of it myself.

    BUT, he’s in a narrow niche in an area with a limited pool of clients to pull from. Even one more person competing against him on the level he does business could lower his revenue by as much as a third. There are bills to pay, employees and contractors to pay, people who depend on that paycheck. So, he’s in a position of having to curtail his generosity some when it comes to his business if he himself will survive.

    He’s beginning to feel the squeeze. To not only survive, but thrive, he must implement all the great ideas we’ve discussed over the years, and he must do it now, or lose out. And he’s not interested in losing. 

    Did you know?

    The number of alternative healthcare providers is increasing at a much faster rate than in the past,  especially those who cater to baby boomers.  As more and more people become aware of alternatives to going to a doctor who hands out prescriptions above all else, the more alternative health providers spring up in the marketplace.

    If you haven’t already, you will soon face intense competition in your niche, unless . . .

    . . . . you do like my friend and take measures to protect, and even increase, your reach and footprint in your marketplace, which is the only way for your health business to thrive.



    Baby boomers no doubt drive change in healthcare. They have become awakened to much better alternatives to popping a pill for every ache and illness. This preference on their part has created increasing competition in the healthcare arena as a whole.

    • Allopathic doctors increasingly must compete with naturopaths and homeopaths
    • Walk-in clinics at pharmacies with doctors, compete with all doctors, including homeopaths and naturopaths
    • Naturopaths, homeopaths, and Chinese herbal doctors compete with one another
    • Nursing homes are closing in droves due to competition from assisted-living facilities and more accessible home nursing care
    • Hospital emergency rooms compete with urgent care clinics
    • Rehab centers compete with home nurses and outside physical therapists
    • Even in some cases, nurse practitioners compete with doctors
    • Midwives compete with obstetricians as women increasingly seek more natural approaches to birth. And with more midwives taking up the profession, there’s competition between them too.
    • Superfoods companies face brutal competition as more and more people discover their benefits, and new players come on the scene every day
    • Supplement companies of all sorts face enormous competition
    • Lastly, any entity that can offer healthcare quicker, cheaper, and easier to patients compete with all of the above.

    See that fierce competition coming your way (you are reading this, perhaps you’re already experiencing it)?

    Best practice is to keep ahead of the competition and become pro-active about your marketing, like my friend John is now (finally!) doing. And if you feel you’re already behind, you can catch up with the right strategy. 

    The best way to do that, of course, is to reassess your marketing campaign, or if you don’t have one, right now is the time to create one to stay ahead, or get there. And one important aspect of a marketing campaign is the quality of the copy on and off your website.  

    I understand if you already have too much to do to add this to your never-ending To Do list. I’m recovering from overdoing myself, so I know exactly how that feels.  I finally learned to trust others to take over tasks that overwhelmed my days, even if it meant a little less cash in my own pocket at the end of the month. Less cash was only initially; the greatness here is that business only got better when I got the help I needed. And guess what? I’ve been a whole lot happier because I now focus on what I like best!

    So, if you can’t keep up on your own with Google’s voracious appetite for ever more and better copy and content in return for keeping you in front of the eyeballs of your Ideal Prospects, get help! It doesn’t have to be me, just get help somewhere else if you don’t think we’d be a good fit, or if I don’t write in your area of business.  

    The best way to act in our businesses, in my opinion, is to focus on what we do well,  and hire others who are great at the stuff we ourselves don’t like so much. Let them do their thing to increase your market share and to help you build your list of  Ideal Clients, Customers, or Patients.  

    If time is short for you, or the thought of writing a sales letter, or web content, sends your blood pressure way up high, take the time to find yourself a great copywriter who can deliver the caliber of writing required to get you the aforementioned Ideal Prospects or Clients.


    Copywriting refers to a style of writing used in marketing and advertising. You see it all the time whether you’re aware of it or not.

    When you get a sales letter in the mail, a copywriter wrote it.

    When you read a long (or short) product-promoting email, or product-promoting web page,  a copywriter wrote it.

    Copywriting contrasts with written web content (blog post, articles) in that it is meant to sell as well as inform, instead of just inform as in the case of most web content



    • DIY:write it yourself. But first, be sure to take at least some copywriting training or you won’t be happy with the results. Though most sales copy looks easy when you’re reading it, you’d be shocked at how much psychology and behavior analysis goes into it.
    • Hire a lower-cost copywriter,perhaps one who just started out and hasn’t been in the trenches long enough to know small details that make a huge difference in results. This copywriter is most likely to want to learn as he or she works on your project. We all have to start somewhere, and it might be okay for you to go this route depending on the project. If not much is at stake, maybe this is all you need. 
    • Hire an experienced copywriter, preferably one with at least a B.A. in English, as well as copywriter training, and at least three to five years experience, preferably more. You’re not looking for Shakespearean prose, but one must know the rules before one can break them successfully!

    An experienced copywriter knows how to study your competition, knows how to make you sound like the only option when it comes time for your prospects to choose between your competitors and you .

    An experienced and well-trained copywriter will have fair rates for the amount of skill, but will cost you a bit more.  You might come across a well-experienced writer who might have lowered his or her rate for a minute or two during a slow month . . . but not likely. 

    . . . if it does happen, however, ask how many other projects they’re working on right now. Because if the temporary lower prices brought in several projects with deadlines similar to yours, this writer won’t be able to deliver to you the same caliber copy had he charged you his usual price . . . 

     . . . because this writer, in this situation, must make more sales to make up for the lower fee he got from you, and now must satisfy several other clients in the same time frame as you.

    In your ideal world, do you not want your copywriter to spend all the time she needs to deliver the stellar copy that will in turn deliver a ton of business to you? 

    How much are you REALLY saving by either writing your own copy, or hiring a less-than legit copywriter, when your bottom line has a direct correlation to how much effort, knowledge, and training, goes into your sales copy?

    Only you know if your project is worthy of the additional dollars needed to hire the best wordsmith possible.



    • Every copywriting project on which I work starts with an in-depth study of any current sales copy. We’ll discuss what action you wish your prospects to take, we’ll discuss your mission, and your message.
    • I’ll create an avatar of your Dream Client so I know who I’m trying to convince. You’ll participate in this by answering a short-form questionnaire about it. After all, only you know your Dream Client.
    • Then, we’ll discuss keywords. Unless you already know them. Either way, we’ll decide together which keywords to use for the sales letter you retain me to write. If you’re not sure which keywords you should use, I’ll deep dive into research and isolate them.
    • I’ll read sales copy for your same product or service in positions #1 to #3 on the first page of Google.
    • Next comes an analysis of that copy. I will figure out how to connect deeper with the pool of prospects you share with that competition.

    I spend the time necessary to figure out the emotional hot buttons of your prospects in relation to the product or service I’m writing about. Through analysis, I’ll figure out what needs to be said and how to say it to convince your Dream Client you’re their best option. This takes time, yes, but it’s well worth it if you want to stay on top of the competition long-term, or get there if you’re just starting out.



    John wants to keep his dominant position in his niche, so we’ve created a marketing plan to further expand his outreach marketing efforts.

    For him, that means increasing the content of his website to, in turn, raise his organic ranking even more for his main keywords, ensuring that he keeps his place firmly near #1 on the first page of Google.

    It also means writing (he tells me what he wants to write about, I write it) articles to publish in various online publications (this further increases his organic rankings), and even in some hard-copy newsletters in his industry. This will widen his footprint in his market.

    Next, we’re reaching out in broader sense to decision makers among his prospects by sending sales letters via snail mail to inform them about his services. In his market, the audience is highly likely to respond more to hard-copy written material than the online stuff (though this is needed too), so it’s important for him to do this.

    We regularly email articles (written by me but with him as the author) to his current client list—to keep him on their minds by engaging with them regularly, to give them direct access to him, and of course, to impress them with his deep knowledge of his industry, and to show his eagerness to always be there for them.

    All of the above is used to attract new clients into the fold.

    What about you?

    Do you know what you need to do next to increase your business base and your bottom line?

    Contact me. We’ll have fun brainstorming how great copy can bring you better results for all that marketing you’re currently doing, or thinking about doing.

    Hey there, I help entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially health practitioners, enjoy more free time while increasing revenue. I do this by writing sales letters that get results, strategic web content, and personalized blog posts that increase online visibility, engagement, and sales.




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