Hey, if you’re in the Health and Wellness field and looking for new patients or clients, you should read this. I’m a content writer, copywriter, and web developer (which is a little rare based on my experience). My passion is to rid the Internet of clutter, typos, and bad navigation on websites. I also LOVE creating great content that increases your bottom line. As you know, you can’t run any business without money no matter how big your heart is to help others. I’ve been doing this for 15+ years. Let’s get you rockin’ it!


    Web content includes all aspects of the user’s experience on a website: text, images, sounds, videos, and animations.

    In other words, all the stuff you need to attract and keep your audience on your website, to get them to like you, and ultimately buy from you. Typically, you need far more text content than the other types of contents. Though this might be the opposite on specialized websites (think video-heavy sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.).

    Techopedia says this about web content:

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    The other day I had lunch with a long-time friend (and now a client) involved with the alternative health industry where baby boomers are the main customers.

    John had traveled from out of state to my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada (yes, people actually live here, and not just in casinos either!) He came for some R&R, but also to strategize with me on how to grow his health business.

    My friend wouldn’t be comfortable if I identified him here, but he’s comfortable with me telling you his story.

    He said that in his particular business, a small niche in the health industry, one he nearly single-handedly created ten years ago, there’s an increasing number of people reaching out to him asking how he does what he does. Asking if he’s hiring. Asking if he’s willing to share his knowledge about the industry.


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    Talented. Innovative. Daffordable websiteedicated.

    I met Maryse in an intense work environment. We have worked together on two separate high-profile projects. She is an excellent communicator, talented, innovative, dedicated, and delivers quality work on time. I have the highest confidence in her abilities.
    Steve Duncan, High Inc.

    website designerSkillfull and Creative

    Maryse is skillful and creative with building websites that produce business, and she also knows how to write effective copy unique to marketing your website. She has always written professional and effective material for my business and has the ability to translate legalese into layman's language without losing anything in translation. Her marketing efforts have nicely added to my bottom line too.
    James Smith, Esq.,  DicountLasvegasLawyer.com

    website designProfessional. Pleased. Compliments.

    Maryse, just a brief note to let you know how pleased I am with our new website and how many compliments I have already received from people I do business with.

    I am also most appreciative of your professionalism in the way you guided me through the process and the copy needed to meet our needs.  I felt you took a personal interest in this project.  Rest assured that when new projects come along...we will be in contact. Again, I am most appreciative.

    Jack Bart,  President,  Lac Management, Inc.,  LacMusic.com 


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